Welcome to my website.  This is a site for people interested in collecting police memorabilia in general, but Irish and Northern Irish Police artifacts in particular.  I’ve been collecting for about 20 years and although there are some good sites out there, it can be difficult to find them.

I hope that this website will, in time, make it easier for police enthusiasts to find information and do research, particularly using my links pages, as I’ve found this the most time consuming job.  I certainly don’t want to put myself out as any kind of expert and I’m not going to offer the history of Irish policing on the main pages – other people and other sites have done that better than I could.

My aim here is to share what has become a long-standing passion and give people access to my collection in the hope that they find it interesting and perhaps even spark a question or two.  As I sort through it all, I will be adding to the sales n swaps pages – feel free to make an offer if you see something you might like.  Likewise if you have something that might fit with my collection get in touch.

Like most things, this website is a work in progress, but I put it online to galvinise me into action!  I hope that every time you visit you will find something new and interesting to make you want to come back.

Happy Collecting!

About Me
I have been interested in policing a long time and before changing careers I studied policing at college and wrote a number of articles focussing on cross-border police co-operation in Europe and Ireland in particular. I’m a member of PICA(NI) and the RUC GC Historical Society as well as the Police Memorabilia Collectors Club.

This site does not aim to make political statements of any kind.  My police collection likely has elements within it that some people won’t like.  A good example is my tschako collection that includes several from the Third Reich period.  In showing them, I am not glorifying or endorsing that period or regime at all.  They are there because they existed, and form part of the course of history.  This should not be erased or ignored and fills what would otherwise be an unexplained void.

In putting this site together I have tried to be as accurate as possible and as honest as I can be in where I sourced my material.  Websites and other research will be cited and material attributed.  Where an author has asserted their copyright I will only refer to their site with a link.  In the same way I assert my Intellectual Property.  No-one should copy anything from this site without referring to its origin and authorship (including back to the original author where applicable) but any material may otherwise be copied and used for non-commercial purposes.

As far as obtaining new items for my collection, much is sourced from friends and contacts in Ireland and the UK, but eBay remains a valuable source as are the specialist auction houses in Dublin and Belfast.  Occasionally I will either not know what something is, or have made a mistake.  I particularly welcome being told I got something wrong – it’s all part of the learning process and helps keep the subject interesting.  If you spot something that needs to be corrected, or just want to comment generally, please use the comment box on the ‘contacts’ page.

Latest update:  I have a new plan – I’m converting part of my attic to display my collection rather than store it in boxes!  The room is taking shape: it’s plastered and awaiting electrics.  Then a bit of paint, some carpet and the boxes can start getting unloaded: hopefully in time for Christmas.  The idea is that the majority of artifacts get listed on this site, but only some will be on display in actuality in my mini home museum.  Best of both worlds…if I force myself to update this site!  Watch this space!